Application for All Creatures Vet Camp

*Vet Camp Cost $150

Contact Information

Street Address
Zip Code
Date of Birth & Grade Entering

Interest Questions (attach separate sheet if necessary)

Have you ever worked in a veterinarian office?
Have you ever worked around animals?
Do you use a veterinarian on a regular basis?
Why do you want to work with animals?
Are your pets spayed or neutered?
Are you comfortable watching animals being put to sleep?
What have you done to prepare yourself for the study of veterinary medicine?


Years attended
Grade Point Average
Other special training?
Extracurricular Activities (list all clubs, teams, organizations, after-school activities, etc.)

Please write a 1-page essay explaining your interest in veterinary medicine
and why you think you would be a good candidate for the program.

Please paste your essay below **Required**

*Vet Camp Cost $150

Mail this application and your essay by the deadline to:
All Creatures Animal Hospital
Attn: Lisa Smith
1894 Ohio Pike
Amelia, OH 45102