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Keeping Your Pet on the Fourth of July


Do Dogs Take On The Personalities Of Their Owners?

Research now suggests that our own lifestyle, emotions and interactions with our dogs can impact on their personality. Learn more here!

The Importance Of Dental X-rays For Pets

Failing to regularly brush your pet’s teeth and missing dental veterinary checks can quickly lead to your pet developing a range of problems,

What to do if You Find a Baby Rabbit

Learn what to do if you find a baby rabbit on your property. Contact All Creatures in Amelia with any questions.

Why Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?

One of the most dangerous things that you can share with your dog is chocolate. Learn why.

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Author:Camie KeetsDate:2017-04-10
The question of adopting or buying from a store is a difficult one, heres a list to help make things easier!

Benefits of Tick and Flea Prevention

Ticks and fleas are a common problem for many animals, wild and domestic that's why prevention of ticks and flea infestations should be a priority for any pet owner. Learn more here.

Pet Ownership Can Benefit Your Emotional Wellbeing And Bring Joy To Your Life

One of the biggest benefits of having your very own furry, feathered or scaly little friend is the emotional benefits that it can provide. Read more here.

Why You Should Take Care Of Your Pets Teeth

By ensuring that your pet attends regular dental check-ups as part of their overall care, you can help to preserve their health and happiness for years to come.