Our goal at All Creatures Animal Hospital’s cat boarding facility is to provide a quieter environment for our feline friends, which is why we have devoted an entire area to them.

You may choose a condo with several levels for the cat with an inquisitive and outgoing personality that is inquisitive and outgoing or a more private cat suite for cat "families" you wish to be boarded together. The suites are also good for the more shy or introverted cat who enjoys solitude. A large recreational room with cat trees and plenty of space for exercise is available for the social cats. Each kitty has ample time outside their condo or suite to use the room, and our caregivers provide playtime for the cats who enjoy more activity at no extra charge.

We provide everything, including bedding and food – Purina ProPlan. If your cat is on a special or specific diet, you are welcome to bring your own food; all we can ask is that you provide your cat’s feeding instructions.


Cat Condo:
$12 Single
$10 for each additional cat in the same condo

Cat Suites:
$20 Single
$12 for each additional cat in the same suite

Vaccine Requirements

To ensure your pet’s safety, all boarded pets must be properly vaccinated and tested for the disease. Owners are required to provide proof of care at the time of drop-off. For cats, we require the following things to be current for boarding:

  • Rabies Vaccine

  • A negative FeLV/FIV Test and/or an FeLV vaccine

  • FVRCP Vaccine

  • Intestinal Parasite Fecal Exam

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