Reproductive Services

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Dr. Linda Meakin has a special interest in canine reproduction – she breeds and shows the Hungarian Puli, an ancient sheepdog breed. As a result of her interest, she offers specialized services to breeders in the show dog community. Whether your dog has had difficulty becoming pregnant or you are taking advantage of the best bloodlines in the world by purchasing frozen or fresh-chilled semen, we have solutions for you.

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    Transcervical Insemination (TCI) is minimally invasive, effective and safe. Using a specialized instrument, Dr. Linda deposits fresh-chilled, frozen or fresh semen directly into the female’s uterus. Unlike surgical insemination, there is no invasive surgery and no anesthesia.

    Call our Anderson location directly, at (513) 474-5700, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Linda or to discuss your options with breeding dogs! We also offer cesarean sections, when it is beneficial for the dam.

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