Boarding School

In our Boarding School program, you can drop your dog off and have your pet professionally trained, while you relax. Michael, our trainer, has experience working with every behavioral issue, including aggression cases. Three training sessions per day will focus on issues and commands of your choosing. Positive reinforcement with treats, praise, and playtime will keep learning fun.


    When you reunite, our trainer will work with you and your dog together, so you can get the same results and confidently continue the training when you leave. While not always necessary, continuing the education with a group, private or in-home training is strongly recommended. By the end of its stay here, your pup will have plenty of experience with the training; but, often, the owners require continued guidance, in order to do everything the same way - which is crucial for the dog's understanding and success.

    Only $20 per day, plus the cost of boarding.

    The trust and bond between dog and trainer are crucial and develops over time. Please contact us to discuss the duration of your dog's stay here, as well as the commands or issues you would like him to deal with. 513-797-7387.