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Michael Snively is the Dog Obedience/Behavioral Trainer at All Creatures Animal Hospital. He has been working with dogs since 2006, starting as a volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter, where he specialized in working with the 'hard to handle' dogs. He has been a certified professional dog trainer since 2011 and spent two and a half years teaching obedience classes at PetSmart and working with rescue dogs at adoption events every weekend. Now, he works daily with rescue dogs, training dogs from the All Dogs Come From Heaven rescue organization, in hopes that their dogs will have a better chance of finding a good home. His training philosophy emphasizes positive reinforcement, consistency, patience, practice and praise - and owners are encouraged to help their dogs succeed by rewarding good behavior in a way that makes learning fun! There will be a $30 consult fee for a client wanting to see Michael, this fee will be waived if they enroll their dog in any training course.

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    Our Training Facility at All Creatures Animal Hospital
    Our training classes take place in our 4,000 square foot, rubber-matted training services facility at All Creatures Animal Hospital in Amelia, OH. Our experienced trainer will help your pet overcome behavioral issues and achieve outstanding manners, socialization, obedience, and agility. You’ll go to school too, and learn how to communicate with your dog and strengthen your bond, not to mention master cool tricks to make you proud and impress your friends.

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